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Be our Next Franchise !!

Be Our Next Franchise !!

We are built on the mission of spreading the aroma of South Indian food across the globe. We would love to have food enthusiasts and future restaurateurs to have in our team and help us spread the good vides of South Indian food!!

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Why be a part of
Godavari Family ?

“Godavari” is a brand that is built on trust and loyalty. We make sure the quality of the food and the recipes are followed in all our locations across the globe. We take pride in serving the food lovers and balancing it with the business aspects involved in this industry. We make sure our “Franchisees” turn out to be successful while not compromising and deviating from the core values of Godavari and the quality of the food we serve.


If you are passionate about serving authentic Indian food, just start with picking up the city that you are wanting to start Godavari or any of our concept. If the city/town isn’t available, we can get you the options that we have open for your concept.


Once the city is picked, we shall work together in identifying the right spot to open “Godavari” so that it would be convenient to our target audience along with the people that just walk-in. We all should realize the fact that the key point to the success is identifying the “Right Location”.


Once the Location is picked, we shall work as a “Team” in setting up Godavari and work on the marketing strategies and spreading the aroma around the town. All we say is the entire process is going to be a party with “Team” Godavari.

Our Exclusive Steps in setting up a

Godavari Franchise
Location   Godavari

We would be with you in every step to make your Godavari franchise a successful business. Join us in the flow of “Godavari” Contact us for more information at

  • Godavari  Identification of location within a reasonable price range.

  • Godavari  Area analysis and analysis of business potential in area.

  • Godavari  Kitchen setup suitable to prepare our exclusive menu and authentic items.

  • Godavari  Staff selection and hiring process.

  • Godavari  Quality control and cost control of all food items by our Executive Chef.

  • Godavari  Marketing & operational business model.